Our Story

We're Rhythm Rampage. I'm (Brooke) taking over the keyboard with Britta over my shoulder getting ready to tell you about ourselves. When I was eleven years old, I was trampled by my horse and wound up in really bad shape. I had to drop out of regular school and I spent a whole year having trouble walking. In short, that's when I found the healing power of music and that nightmare event eventually turned into our dream of becoming a duo. Join us on our journey! We're indie artists! We play Martin guitars and it's all about the music for us hometown girls. To us music is real, raw emotion. The songs we write reflect our souls. We like to cut loose. We're lighthearted. We know life has it's ups and downs, but it's about holding on to those moments that let your heart win. We're here for the inspiration. Music is a constant in our lives. When you come see us in person or listen to our music on our website or a live show, we hope that we can lift your spirits and share a camaraderie in this journey of life through the love of music. Take care! 

Rhythm Rampage


With moody guitars, thumping percussion, kaleidoscopic vocal tones, Rhythm Rampage is a singer/songwriter duo with a will of their own. Charming audiences coast to coast with intricate guitar playing and innovative melodies. The girls provide traditional country music story telling with a modern twist. 

Florida natives, Britta and Brooke Dodgen, known collectively as Rhythm Rampage, are sisters with gypsy souls. Transplanting their roots over the last decade to many states, Britta and Brooke stay in each locale long enough to build a dedicated fan base and discover a melting pot of musical styles. From the southern comfort of Georgia, South Carolina, and Tennessee, to the majestic mountain’s of Colorado, eventually landing in the vibrant west coast of California, the girls have created an organic blend of country pop from their adopted homes. 

Britta and Brooke may well be the most promising female duo in Country since The Judds, but a skittish horse nearly kept them from ever reaching that goal at all. 

Indirectly, Tiara, the horse led Rhythm Rampage straight to a passion for country music. When Brooke was eleven, she took a horrible fall, which put little Brooke through a long period of rehab leading her to discover the healing force of music. Something about the stories in the songs, along with the simple power of music literally helped the kid back on her feet. Thus the deciding moment came for Britta and Brooke to actively pursue a career in music. 

Both sisters had already showed immense talent in music. Britta started out singing opera – not the Grand Ole Opry type, the Schermerhorn Center type – and dancing ballet all over the USA and even in Scotland. Brooke likewise danced with some of the world's most prestigious ballet companies. But that same drive that enables these highly driven and beautiful auburn-hair sisters to climb to the top levels of equestrian and dance world switched focus thirteen years ago to writing and performing music. 

Touring regularly, Britta and Brooke have played well over 1,000 shows across the United States. Stand-out venues have included: 

• Live on Studio 10 CBS Tampa - Tampa Bay/Sarasota, FL (Broadcast) 

• Daytona Thunder National Anthem - Daytona, FL (2,500) 

• Foundation Room, House of Blues - Anaheim, CA (Standing Room Only) 

• The Roxy Theatre - Denver, CO (500) 

• The Peach Drop New Year’s Eve at Underground Atlanta - Atlanta, GA (5,000) 

• W.C. Handy Festival, Top Six Songwriter's Showcase - Sheffield, AL (600) 

• Solano Avenue Stroll Festival - Berkeley, CA (1,000) 

• Sweet Auburn Springfest - Atlanta, GA (700) 

• Six Flags Great America -Gurnee, IL (5 shows) 


Opening act for: Brantley Gilbert, Charlie Worsham, Lucas Hoge, Julianne Hough, Joel Crouse and Trailer Choir. 

Genres: Country

Similar sounding bands: Kelly Clarkson, Little Big Town, Zac Brown Band



2012 Mahogany Meets Rosewood, Recorded at Charleston Sound, Charleston, SC
2014 3 song EP, Produced by Dave Fowler, Quad Studios & Ragtop Recording, Nashville, TN
2015 3 song EP, Produced by Dave Fowler, Quad Studios & Ragtop Recording, Nashville, TN
2015 5 song EP, Produced by Sahaj Ticotin, Woodland Hills, CA
2017 3 song EP, Recorded at Electric Lotus Music, Phoenix, AZ
2019 10 song LP, Produced by Sahaj Ticotin, Woodland Hills, CA