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Debut single "Guitar Getaway" is now on radio.

"With the perfect combination of sweet and spicy ear catching music, these girls are a force to be reckoned.." 

Jenna Love, Nashville Muse 

"Country music never felt so good."

Jerome Ritchey, Co-host & Contributing Producer, 10 Tampa Bay, Sarasota, St. Petersburg, Clearwater 10 News 

"...the lyrics hit home, where the heart is..." 

Charlotte Cain, Arts & Entertainment Digest 

"Rhythm Rampage is like a country version of 'Heart'." 

Stan Munsey, Keyboardist for Shenandoah  

"These girls not only have the talent to perform, but also have a creative vision and the work ethic to fulfill it."

Denver Westword News

"Florida girls return to their home state and we can't get enough."

aXis Magazine

"They sing what my heart feels."

Arts & Entertainment Magazine of the Taos News Tempo

"Will get you hooked on their intricate guitar work and powerhouse vocals."

Colorado Music Business Organization COMBO

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